Bullying success story? Not so fast: SodaStream dropped by Macy’s

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Did "the world's largest store" really give in to BDS bullying?

Did “the world’s largest store” really give in to BDS bullying?

Social media has been abuzz with rumors that Macy’s had stopped carrying SodaStream products due to pressure from the perpetual bullies over at the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. This, on the heels of the absolutely nightmarish October the company is having would, on the surface, be a dramatic uppercut aimed squarely at the forehead of the staggering Israeli company.

But is all the chest-beating on the parts of the BDS bullies justified? Is this even news? The answer to both questions, appears to be no.

The latest round of rumors seems to have been kicked off by a blog post from the anti-Israel site Alernative Information Center, which was then picked up by the notoriously Israel-obsessed Code Pink who happily tweeted it out. This was followed by responses from pro-Israel site Weasel Zippers and an ensuing avalanche of disappointed social media updates.

Here’s the thing though – all the blogs seem to be using each other as sources. While everyone references a “Wall Street Journal” article, none of the sites actually linked to it. Well, we found it for you. Here’s the relevant part:

Jim Charnier, an analyst at Monness Crespi Hardt, said he had been expecting a poor quarter because he learned early in September that Macy’s Inc had stopped carrying SodaStream and saw other negative figures from the market… Macy’s did not immediately return requests for comment.

What does that have to with BDS? Furthermore, the WSJ blog post was from nearly THREE WEEKS ago. And FINALLY, the relevant portion was from September! This is not news at all, it’s just recycling old information in an attempt to generate new hysteria.

The logic of this seems a bit ponderous as well. Macy’s, one of the few retail chains that is not perpetually going out of business, decided – all of the sudden – to cave into pressure from anti-Israel BDS bullies…but only for SodaStream products? Eagle-eyed shoppers will notice that Macy’s still proudly promotes Ahava products, which have been the target of Israel haters for years.

We can all relax, Macy's still carries our favorite moisturizers...

We can all relax, Macy’s still carries our favorite moisturizers…

Here are the facts. Macy’s is a HUGE company that regularly adds and removes products from its shelves. They have not made any formal announcements about SodaStream and in fact still list their products on their site. They certainly have not acknowledged that they removed anything due to pressure from BDS bullies.

In fact, as we noted in our last post on this topic, trade with Israel has actually increased significantly since the summer. BDS targets like Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson and Neil Young are having some of their most successful years ever. It is high time we stopped rewarding bullying organizations such as the BDS movement by attributing every negative development to their efforts. Their impact on the bottom lines of celebrities and businesses who work in or with Israel has thus far never been proven.

However, if you are TRULY concerned about the health of a business or celebrity that has been targeted by the BDS bullies, you should head over to our Buycott page and show your support with a purchase of one of their products! Rather than lamenting their false success, contribute to their very real failure and show them that bullying is NOT the answer.


Snopes has now picked up on this story and has marked it PROBABLY FALSE.


I took a recent trip to my local mall and spotted this in the clearance section:

SodaStream still for sale at Macy's

SodaStream still for sale at Macy’s

When I asked the salespeople there they did not seem to know if they were discontinuing SodaStream products entirely or just replacing them with new models. Either way, it’s clear they haven’t been wiped off the shelves. More likely, they aren’t selling well so Macy’s is making room for new products.

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25 comments on “Bullying success story? Not so fast: SodaStream dropped by Macy’s
  1. Wait, I’m confused…. you’re calling the people who support BDS the bullies? Instead of the people militarily occupying another country and stealing their homes/land, imprisoning their families, killing their kids? I started to read this story and stopped at “the BDS bullies”…. insanity. You have it twisted.

    • Of course Ashley stopped reading. The misinformed usually stop seeking the truth once their own beliefs are contradicted. It’s ok Ashley, let the adults sort this stuff out.

    • oh my dear Ashley! First of all, let me clarify for you that Israel is not an occupying force anywhere. There is …and never has been….a country called Palestine. The Gaza strip was left voluntarily by Israel in hopes of appeasing those that hate them so. Gaza ELECTED Hamas. Hamas attacked Israel…and repeatedly broke cease-fires. This does not even begin to describe the horror of suicide bombers who strike everywhere…killing children!! No other country has taken such care to protect innocent civilians as Israel has done…and yet, no other group such as Hamas has deliberately targeted innocents. Israel is not holding any population hostage. In fact, it has provided medical care to many many of these people who have sworn to kill them all. The world needs to wise up and find the truth…..

      • Yes basically Israel are the good guys. Ashley and the haters should really stop listening to lefty-Arab-oil-money-fired-colleges and universities and travel and speak to Israeli’s instead of social media toting idiots. If you hate Israel that much Ashley stop using social media, your computer and your smart phones along with 70% of hospital services which are all riddled with life saving Israeli technology. Israel has 188 Nobel Prizes and I think the Arabs last count was 2. Says it all really

    • Thank you Ashley. Palestine ( and then moral world ) kicking and fighting back against their metaphoric RAPIST, is seen my many Zionists as if “bullying” the most moral country in the world — when it really is about shouting that the genocidal emperor has no clothes, and that the twisted propaganda mirror’s illusion is now broken ( at least for some ).

    • Hey Ashley – get your facts straight . . . Israel isn’t ‘occupying’ anything. While they USED to police the territory, In fact they pulled completely out of Gaza NINE YEARS AGO and since then the locals have been completely dominated by Hamas and others.

      So, no Ashley, YOU have it twisted.

      Oh, and if you plan to raise the ‘they are refugees’ argument, let up remember than 850,000 Jews were KICKED out of Arab countries in 1948 – and 700,000 Arabs DECIDED, on the advice of their ARAB leaders to leave Israel.

      Last I checked, refugee camps don’t have hospitals, schools, condominiums and highrise apartments, either.

      If the people of Gaza who get arrested would like to be treated like civilised, law abiding individuals, perhaps they should stop tossing stones and rockets and other crap and digging tunnels to attack Israel with materials that have been donated to help them rebuild and extend their infrastructure, instead of staging the execution of four innocent children on the beach and claiming Israel killed them and the kidnapping and murder of three teenagers and crowing about this – and the public in Gaza, rather than decrying the incident, take to the streets and cheer.

      Any borders that have changed since 1948 are the direct result of Israel defending itself against attacks and aggression against it by Arabs whose sworn goal is the total destruction of the country.

      It’s all very sad – made moreso by people like you who can’t be bothered to learn the truth.

  2. Occupying another country? What country is that?
    And BTW – Sodastream just made a deal with Pepsi and the stock is up considerably so the company seems to be doing much better.

  3. The Brits screwed the whole thing up. Can’t promise one small piece of land to 2 people. Of course you also can’t attack a people, lose and then cry that you want the land you lost in the war you started back. Palestine was never a country. Jordan was and is. When was it that today’s Palestinians decided they didn’t want to live in Jordan?

    • Hey Kerri – thanks so much for stopping by. Please note that the conclusion we came to was that Macy’s actually did NOT cave into any BDS “pressure” and if they removed SodaStream, it was not done for any political reasons…

  4. This article is BS. Go and search for yourself on Macys.com and you won’t find a single SodaStream product..Somebody’s trying to put a PR spin on this, and it’s not going to work. Boycott Macy’s NOW!

      • Now try to buy it.

        Sorry, but Macy’s has NO Sodastream products available for purchase on their web site at this time.

        Macy’s (and a whole lot more companies and people) have REALLY shallow concepts as applies to the Middle East and BDS.

        In fact if you are going to be boycotting technology and products that come out of Israel then you have no access to the Internet, no High Def television, no Apple iPods, no Google, no access to lots of critical medications and more.

        Then, of course there’s the fact that every culture has it’s share of extremists, but Israel doesn’t stone, chop off body parts or anything else that the barbaric hordes that comprise between 15% and 25% of Muslims known as ‘radicals’, who support . . nay insist on Sharia Law, the suppression of women’s rights and complete and total intolerance for anything not Islamic, just to begin.

        If you want to actually support humanity, you’d be boycotting things Muslim . . but there isn’t much that the Islamic world has done that you use that could e boycotted – oil? Well, a lot of oil comes from the Middle East, but the US and Canada are net exporters these days, so that doesn’t work.

        I’m not certain how a boycott of Islamic products would impact on the Muslim world.

      • Apparently they do not sell soda streams anymore. It’s really weird, there was an ad in todays paper for an after Christmas sale “one day only” and there was a Soda Stream that usually sales for $99.00 on sale for $40.00. I wanted to buy one for a belated Xmas celebration we will be having with my sister. Unfortunately I left the ad at home and when I went to Macys there were no Soda Streams and the person helping me said they haven’t had them in at least 6 months. She had no answer as to why it was an ad in todays Seattle Times Newspaper.

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