UPDATE: SodaStream closes West Bank factory

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Scarlett Johansson demonstrates proper use of a SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson demonstrates proper use of a SodaStream machine

The drama surrounding the SodaStream boycott situation simply refuses to go away. According to numerous news outlets, SodaStream is closing its factory in the West Bank and moving its operations to its new plant, inside pre-1967 Israel.

Like the Macy’s debacle, this is not REALLY news as it was already reported several months ago that this decision had been made. But as usual, the bullies of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement are taking credit for what is likely a business decision to consolidate operations in the face of slumping international sales.

CEO Daniel Birnbaum went on the record saying that “the idea of sweetened beverages with chemicals or sugar is very much out. This is a megatrend, not a fad.” Again, this is not news either, as we reported on this back on October 8th when SodaStream’s stock hit the deck in the face of weakening demand for sugary drinks across the spectrum. The decision also goes hand in hand with an attempt by SodaStream to rebrand itself away from being a “home soda maker” and focus on sparkling water instead. The only way the BDS movement could take credit for this, is if they can prove they have managed to somehow influence world opinion on caloric intake and high fructose corn syrup. Give us a break.

So again, while it’s highly UNLIKELY that this has anything to do with BDS (does anyone think they’re going to stop hating SodaStream because of this decision?), they are taking credit as usual. And let’s be honest, who really loses here if not the Arab workers who are about to become unemployed?

The workers in the controversial SodaStream plant are overwhelmingly Palestinian

The workers in the “controversial” SodaStream plant are overwhelmingly Palestinian

This speaks to the root of why the BINTA initiative was founded.

The inability of a group like BDS to seek civil compromise and work to understand the other side of the debate is why they have no credibility as a human rights organization. Let’s pretend for a minute they ARE the reason why SodaStream is closing the factory…what did they actually accomplish? SodaStream cut its costs and increased efficiency. Its employees on the other hand, who are overwhelmingly Palestinian (who BDS purports to support), are now unemployed. Great job guys!

When your greatest supposed victory involves bankrupting the families of people you claim you care about, it’s time to seriously reassess your approach. This is the hypocrisy of the BDS “movement” and is the main reason why we focus on them so much on this page. When bullying is your only tactic to achieve your goal, inevitably the people you hurt most will be the people you pretend to care the most about.

It does not matter what the issue is, civility is the only way forward and bullying is NOT the answer.

And as always, if you would like to REALLY show support for companies like SodaStream who have been mercilessly targeted by bullies, check out our Buycott page!


Looks like despite this move, the BDS bullies have vowed they will continue to Rage against the (soda) machine…

Rage against the (soda) machine

Not that we are surprised. Generally when a bully believes he’s getting what he wants…he demands more.

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