Viral Facebook campaigns for Scarlett Johansson and Neil Young demonstrate failure of BDS internet strategy

Back to back Facebook campaigns backing Neil Young and Scarlett Johansson have successfully gone viral, garnering nearly 40,000 likes with no advertising, marketing or budget of any kind.

The grassroots effort launched in the days leading up to the Super Bowl with the half-serious goal of reaching 10,000 “likes” for a Facebook page called “I support Scarlett Johansson against the haters” by the time a SodaStream ad aired during the game. To the surprise of the three friends who started the page, it took off and almost 15,000 people had joined by kickoff time. Since then it has reached 32,000 likes due entirely to members sharing the page and inviting their friends to participate.

A similar page called “I support Neil Young against the haters” popped up in recent days as well, after a BDS hate group targeted the well-loved folk singer for planning to perform in Israel. After scoring about 2,500 “likes” in its first 24 hours, the page has steadily climbed above 6,000 “likes” in just a few days and continues to build momentum. For comparison’s sake, a page calling on Neil to cancel his show has only managed to scrounge together 1,500 “likes” since the middle of January.

Both pages include spontaneous, member-created content and espouse an atmosphere of civility and tolerance. So far the BDS movement has not had any substantial effect on the careers of either Scarlett Johansson or Neil Young. Johansson was recently in the Oscar-nominated film, “Her” and Young recently launched his new “PonoMusic” player with a Kickstarter campaign that nearly tripled its $800,000 goal in the first 24 hours of a 35 day campaign.

Young and Johansson had also been targeted by Rogers Waters in an “open letter” but neither celebrity seemed to have been influenced much by the aging former Pink Floyd member.

It was not clear at the time this was posted if the BDS movement intends to alter its online strategy after their campaigns against the actress and rock legend have backfired so dramatically.

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