Top 7 Bullying Fails of 2014

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2014 in many ways will go down in history as the year of the bully. With so much nastiness running rampant through the world this year, we thought we would shine a light on the top bullying FAILS of the year, in the hopes of a better 2015.

7. North Korea Targets Seth Rogen and James Franco

Kim Jong Un has not been known for his sense of humor

Kim Jong Un has not been known for his sense of humor

Our first entry is also the most recent. Angry at the portrayal of ruthless (and obviously humorless) dictator Kim Jong Un during a climactic scene in Rogen and Franco’s movie The Interview, terrorists claiming to represent him threatened to attack any movie theater that showed the film on Christmas Day. If there was ever an extreme form of bullying, that’s it!

At first theater chains were spooked, but after a few independent chains decided to stand up to the (obviously fake) threats and show the film on December 25th, Sony released the film online and broke all records for online streaming.

6. Twitterers Try to Get Stephen Colbert Fired

The two kings of late night, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert

The two kings of late night, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert

That…didn’t go so well. After the outrageous and satirical comedian made insensitive jokes that offended many Asian Americans, a campaign to #FireColbert quickly began trending on Twitter in an attempt to get him thrown off of Comedy Central. While Colbert is indeed ending his show, his next job is a bit of a promotion. He’ll be replacing David Letterman as the host of The Late Show.

5. Lady Gaga Gets a Second Wind After Israel Hating Bullies Attack Her

Lady Gaga is enjoying a career resurgence

Lady Gaga is enjoying a career resurgence

While recent history has not been particularly great for Lady Gaga, her career seems to be resurgent after she was attacked over the summer for performing in Israel. Despite calls for boycotts, Gaga’s latest album, a duet with Tony Bennett, charted #1 and was one of the biggest openings for a Jazz album in history. Gaga appeared energized during her concert in Israel and on TV appearances that followed.

4. Vladmir Putin’s Diabolical Scheme to Take Over the World Burns Up With his Oil

This image is presented without comment...

This image is presented without comment…

Russian attempts to dominate the oil market – and with it – Eastern Europe were derailed by the dramatic collapse of the price of oil. Vladmir Putin, who in the first half of the year seemed so powerful during the Ukraine crisis, has now been subjected to crippling international sanctions all while his oil empire burns. His country just entered a recession, foreign investors are bailing out of Russia and his currency has lost half of its value in just the past few months. Ouch.

3. Haters Cheer Missile Attacks After Bullying Neil Young Doesn’t Work

Neil Young was one of several celebrities to enjoy viral grassroots support this summer

Neil Young was one of several celebrities to enjoy viral grassroots support this summer

After announcing a concert in Tel Aviv in 2014, Neil Young was mercilessly castigated by Israel haters. However, a petition designed to pressure him failed to reach even its goal of 10,000 signatures and attempts to bully him sputtered in the months leading up to the concert. Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled due to deadly missile attacks by the Hamas terrorist group, which led to the ugly spectacle of supposedly “non-violent” activists celebrating murder. Neil on the other hand is doing just fine, with his new Pono music player shattering crowd-funding records and promising to challenge Apple for dominance of the portable music market.

2. Ben Affleck Goes Down in Flames When he Tries to Out-Liberal Bill Maher

Ben Affleck gets taken to school by Bill Maher

Ben Affleck gets taken to school by Bill Maher

Hard to argue with Bill Maher’s liberal bona fides, but Ben Affleck certainly tried to when he called him a racist on Maher’s show. After Affleck got taken to school by Maher and guest Sam Harris, it spawned a campaign to…you guessed it…get Bill Maher fired and dis-invited from speaking at UC Berkeley. Maher gave his speech at Berkeley as planning on December 22nd and his show was renewed for an incredible 13th season on HBO.

1. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Hate Group Targets Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson BINTA

Without a doubt, the most spectacular failed attempt to pressure a celebrity into bowing down to a hate group’s agenda, the campaign by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions group to force Scarlett Johansson to quit as SodaStream’s spokesperson made international news. After enduring a horrible campaign of name-calling, death threats and boycott announcements, the well-loved actress enjoyed the best year of her career, got married and gave birth to her first child. Johansson’s movies grossed over $1 billion (and counting), making her the third highest grossing actor/actress of the year. Great job, boycotters! If ever there was a case that proved that bullying is not the answer, Scarlett Johansson’s is it!

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2 comments on “Top 7 Bullying Fails of 2014
  1. Interesting that 3 of the 7 bullying incidents succeed due to the ridiculously unbalanced ratio of pro-Islam bullies, compared to that of those they are bullying. As if people don’t even think anymore, they just flow with the majority, even if it’s an evil agenda.

    • Hey Steve, thanks for your comment. Just a little confused by it, simply because none of these attempts at bullying really succeeded. Really, the only incident where the bullies got what they wanted was the issue with Neil Young…and that was only achieved through actual violence as opposed to intimidation and other bullying tactics.

      In our book, even that is still a failure…