Seth Rogen and James Franco are victims of the worst kind of bullying

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What would you do if every movie or television show you wanted to watch had to get approved by a government censor? What about a foreign government? Or a terrorist regime? What if a gang of bullies had free reign to decide what art we could or could not enjoy?

Seth Rogen and James Franco in the most dangerous comedy ever made

Seth Rogen and James Franco in the most dangerous comedy ever made

We support Seth Rogen and James Franco against the haters.

Like it or not, that is the world we all woke up to today. When Sony Pictures and all the major movie chains decided to bail on Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new irreverent comedy, The Interview, they effectively allowed a brutal terrorist regime to dictate to a democratic country what they are allowed to watch. If the North Koreans can pressure us so effectively, just wait until ISIS and whatever is left of al Qaeda decide they don’t want us to see movies with “inappropriately dressed women” or whatever else they deem offensive. How long before everything we do is subject to fundamentalist censorship? Is this really how we must live?

Look, we’re sure the movie was offensive to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. We’re sure that people would have laughed at the expense of this vile bully who is responsible for the enslavement of his own people.

We have no sympathy for Un and his ilk. Sorry.

Maybe the movie would have even offended some others as well. Rogen and Franco have long been known for comedy that some see as raunchy or even distasteful. But do we really want to live in a world where genocidal dictators have the right to destroy their own countries…while two comedians DO NOT have the right to mock them for it?

And not only that – the way it is achieved is via terrorist threats! We have seen this before, when Israel haters could not get the great Neil Young to cancel his concert in Israel this summer via boycotts and petitions, they rejoiced when the Hamas terror group achieved their goal for them via threats of missile bombardment. This is completely unacceptable! Terrorist threats and bullying will never bring peace and understanding to the world, whether in North Korea, Gaza or anywhere else. Giving in to them only emboldens them and encourages other murderers and bullies to emulate them.

The most powerful jackass in Hollywood

Kim Jong Un, the most powerful jackass in Hollywood

We absolutely support James and Seth’s right to make movies and create art. No terrorist should ever have the right to dictate to anyone what they are and are not allowed to see. Please help us grow our numbers and show the world that you too are against restricting free speech and art. Invite your friends to like our Facebook page for Seth and James, tweet using the #KissMyPyongyang hashtag and check out our new design on Zazzle. As always 100% of net proceeds will go towards fighting hatred and bullying.

Most importantly, we need to show our government that is has a responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens to express themselves freely.

With your help, we can do this. Join in on our latest campaign, share it, invite your friends and let’s make a difference together.

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