REPORT: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel expecting their first child!

Happy news for one of our favorite celebrities. Numerous news outlets and media sources are reporting that superstar actress Jessica Biel is pregnant with her and her husband Justin Timberlake’s first child.

Justin and Jessica are one of Hollywood's premier power couples.

Justin and Jessica are one of Hollywood’s premier power couples.

Us Weekly reported that “right now they are just enjoying the news for themselves. They just want a happy baby.”

This, on the heels of one of our other favorite celebrities, Scarlett Johansson, giving birth to HER first child! Both Scarlett and Justin made waves earlier this year with their courageous stance against bullying and hatred, earning them the support of the BINTA initiative and millions of people who are sick of the coarsening of public discourse in our society.

Best wishes to the happy couple for an easy and uneventful pregnancy.

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