Lady Gaga is latest bullying target

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Just weeks after Lady Gaga’s “Shalom” video, in advance of her concert in Israel, provided a magnet for bullies to direct their hatred, the pop star and “Mother Monster” is back in the news this week. This time she’s earning their scorn for her comments in an interview with the Independent, in which she happily states that “[t]he world view of Israel is just not reality.”

The brouhaha has spawned a Facebook page called I support Lady Gaga against the haters which managed to secure over 500 organic likes within its first 24 hours.

Apparently her comments, along with her proclamation during her concert that “I f***ing love you Israel” are not sitting well with the bullies of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) crowd. Hateful comments started popping up on Twitter, in comments on articles and in Photoshopped photographs of her, almost immediately when she announced the concert. As the performance date arrived, they ratcheted up their intensity and have continued this week, increasing in nastiness.

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A petition, begging the diva to cancel her concert fizzled when it failed to reach even its modest goal of 1,500 signatures in the eight months between Gaga’s concert announcement and the date of the concert itself. In contrast, the Facebook page in support of her decision appeared to be on pace to break past that number within days.

Gaga, who has been targeted by bullies in the past for her sexuality, seemed unfazed by the hate, choosing to focus instead on her recently released duet album with Tony Bennett.

Indonesians demonstrate against a Lady Gaga concert

Indonesians demonstrate against a Lady Gaga concert

With calls to boycott Lady Gaga’s concerts and album sales running rampant, it remained to be seen if the BDS campaign’s efforts and intimidation tactics would put a dent in the singer’s earnings. If history is any indication, this attempted boycott will fail to make a significant impact. Scarlett Johansson and Neil Young were both targeted by bullies for doing business with Israel to no avail.

Johansson’s career has reached new heights this year, with her starring in her several movies, including Lucy which scored over $378 million in worldwide box office revenues. Neil Young’s Pono music player broke records in crowdfunding revenue generation, earning over $12 million and exceeding its goal of raising $600,000 by over 2,000 percent.

UPDATE: Lady Gaga’s latest album just broke #1 on the Billboard chart, selling 131,000 copies in its first week. So much for the boycott!

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8 comments on “Lady Gaga is latest bullying target
  1. Seems like the bullying only gets these performers more adulation. So there!!. Good for all of them!!! You never give in to a bully. It only makes them seem more powerful, while the opposite is true. This is still a free country and most of us side with Israel. We know the truth.HAMAS and all the jihadists are the baby killers, rapists and beheaders. We Americans know that Israel can and did protect itself So all you BULLIES go to hell. Stop trying to intimidate people. Go about living decent peaceful lives instead of spreading your lies, or go kill yourselves and enjoy your 72 virgins, although what you will do with them when you are dead is beyond me .

    • DOROTHY LITT, strong words.Its so niice to know people like you actually exist in the world.
      Sending you love from ISRAEL<3

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. There’s no question about it that these boycotts have been failures so far…but it’s only that way because we stand up to them. We hope you will join us in declaring that bullying is NOT the answer and will help spread our message near and far.

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