Happy Birthday Neil Young!

One of our favorite celebrities is celebrating his 69th birthday today.

Happy birthday old man

Happy birthday old man

Neil Young, who has had a long and storied career of standing up for the little guy, was targeted in a ruthless and hateful bullying campaign to try and get him to cancel his concert in Israel. It ended up getting shut down due to safety reasons after the Hamas terrorist group fired thousands of rockets at the general vicinity of the concert.

Neil Young 6

Despite the threats of boycott, Neil never wavered and has been enjoying one of the most successful years of his entire career. At the age of 69, that’s no small feat.

So here’s the original Canadian badass. Best wishes for many more years of shaking things up, doing the right thing and rocking in the free world!

Neil Young 2

Happy birthday Neil.

Neil Young 4

Neil Young 3

Neil Young 5

Neil Young 7

Neil Young 8

You haven’t aged a day.

And if you’d like to support Neil as well as fight back against the kind of bullying that sought to stifle his art, check out our Buycott page for lots of great Neil albums as well as products from other artists and businesses that have been targeted by haters.

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