Alan Parsons stands up to arch-bully Roger Waters

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Notorious bully and Israel hater Roger Waters took aim at progressive rocker Alan Parsons, trying to get him to cancel his upcoming concert in Israel.

Parsons stands up to arch-bully Roger Waters

Parsons stands up to arch-bully Roger Waters

It…didn’t go so well…The Alan Parsons Project will be performing such hits as “Eye in the Sky” as planned. Even more embarrassing for Waters, Alan published his rejection letter after the former Pink Floyd star continued to attack Parsons on social media.


To whom it may concern – for general posting to Facebook and other social media sites as appropriate:

Roger Waters honoured my request not to publish my reply to his first letter to me, but he failed to comply with my clearly stated desire that the whole matter of his ‘problem’ with my concert in Israel should remain private between the two of us. He has now pressed his case in two open letters on his Facebook page without any published defence from me. So in the circumstances, I have decided to make my (originally personal) reply to him public – see below. I will be making no further comment on this matter and thank all our Israeli fans in advance for their loyalty, support, and for attending our show in Tel Aviv.

Alan Parsons


Dear Roger,

I appreciate your note and your passion.

However, this is a political matter and I am simply an artist. I create music, that is my raison d’être. Everyone – no matter where they reside, what religion they follow, or what ideology they aspire to – deserves to hear it if they so choose.

Music knows no borders, and neither do I.

Your colleague,


Well what do you know, an artist who is more concerned with art than political grandstanding! A musician who is more interested in creating music than intimidating others! A celebrity who knows that bullying is not the answer.

And for that Alan Parsons, we salute you.

Roger Waters on the other hand, after failing to convince the Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and Scarlett Johansson to bail on Israel (just in the past year!) is rapidly turning into a caricature of a super villain…

At this point, the only difference between Waters and Dr. Evil is what side of the moon the “lasers” need to go on.

Support Alan Parsons’ brave stance against bullying and show him you care by buying The Alan Parsons Project’s definitive collection! Check it out on Amazon:

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10 comments on “Alan Parsons stands up to arch-bully Roger Waters
  1. Roger Waters is and always be a frustrate person, in his personal life and idiologies, as a musician he has accomplish some success, but always with a constant hate and controversy, that is why he left Pink Floyd, thanks G-d he left the supergroup, I do applauds the letter of Alan Parson, he just put this Idiot in the place that he need to be, you never know, he may ended up in a looney bean like Syd Barrett, crazy as fox!
    Long Live Good Music and long live The State of Israel.
    Shalom Aleichem.

    • Very cool, Sharon! Roger IS a bully-to his own bandmembers! I interviewed them all day a long time ago. However, Gilmour is worse!!!
      He is a true asshole…He freely used the term “Piss off!”
      Others were funny and charming-Rick-TIP-and Nick.

  2. After purchasing The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, I stopped paying attention to Roger Waters except when I make these occasional pubic posts asking for a refund. How about it, Roger? Got my 7 bucks. That’s not including what I had to pay the record dealer to take your vinyl off my hands.