Jay Leno Heading Back To Israel: Tells It Like It Is

Jay Leno hosts the 2014 Genesis Prize Show

Jay Leno hosts the 2014 Genesis Prize Show

Jay Leno, one of our favorite celebrities, was recently interviewed by the Washington Post about hosting the second annual Genesis Prize award ceremony.

No slouch when it comes to public relations and marketing, Leno said he believes that the state of Israel has the “worst PR in the world.” The comedian has been a vocal supporter of Israel for years, but more importantly than that, Leno is widely regarded as being one of the classiest entertainers in show-business.

While he may have overstated how poorly Israel has managed its public relations (we tend to believe North Korea is the champion of negativity), clearly any strategy that leads people to mercilessly bully Scarlett Johansson, Neil Young and others just for associating with the Jewish state, while ignoring the true thuggery of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions group, could use some re-examination.

In a recent interview with Israel National News, CTC Media and BINTA initiative founder Liran Kapoano laid out some pointers for a entities who find themselves mercilessly attacked by bullying campaigns.

To that end, we salute public figures like Jay Leno who continue to do what they feel is right and ignore the haters who try to silence them.

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