“Complete Legal Vindication” for Alan Dershowtiz in sex case

Alan Dershowitz claims he has "nothing to hide" with regard to allegations he had sex with an underage girl

Alan Dershowitz claims he has “nothing to hide” with regard to allegations he had sex with an underage girl

Looks like Alan Dershowitz is one step closer to clearing his name in the court of public opinion. For now at least, a judge has cleared his name in ACTUAL court, which is a start.

While Judge Marra stopped short of imposing a sanction on the attorneys who attempted to bully Dershowitz, the fact that she struck the lurid allegations from the case is a dramatic victory for the long-time civil and human rights advocate.

The sordid affair began when two attorneys involved in challenging the way the federal government handled the case of a disgraced investor who pleaded guilty to having sex with underage women, made the allegations of the women public. The case caught the attention of the world, when one of the girls (who is not being publicly identified due to the fact that she was underage at the time of the incidents) claimed she was forced to have sex with many famous men, including Alan Dershowitz and Prince Albert.

Mr. Dershowitz, who has a well-documented history of advocating not only for wealthy clients like OJ Simpson, but also for minorites and social causes, immediately rejected the claims, casting them as a form of legal bullying meant to slander and embarrass him. In response to today’s ruling by the judge, he claimed a “complete legal vindication” in the case.

At one point, Mr. Dershowitz claimed that “someone will be disbarred” as a result of these allegations, the implication being that either he would be found guilty of these allegations or the attorneys who made them public would be found guilty of intentionally slandering him.

For his stance on bullying and always having the “chutzpah” to stand up for people who have been unfairly attacked, we launched a support page for Dershowitz shortly after the allegations were made public. We were the first group to publicly show support for the human rights advocate after noting that much of the hate directed at Dershowitz appeared to be anti-Semitic in nature. Far too many of the BDS “haters” that have made a career of attacking people like Neil Young and Scarlett Johansson seemed to be using these allegations as an excuse to attack Dershowitz personally.

Never one to back down from a fight or accept a partial victory, Dershowitz has already stated that he “won’t rest until she admits she made it up.” We wish him the best of luck in clearing his name.

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