Bullying is not the answer, or the BINTA initiative for short, is a movement that was started when Scarlett Johansson was unfairly attacked for acting as the spokesperson for SodaStream during the Super Bowl. We created a Facebook page, called “I support Scarlett Johansson against the haters” that quickly went viral.

Bullying is not the answer.

Scarlett Johansson was not intimidated by the bullies and the haters.

This inspired us to create many more pages for celebrities and public figures who have been unfairly attacked. We believe it is simply unfair to attack businesses, artists, college students and others simply because of differing political views or opinions. It seems like every time someone takes even the slightest issue with a public figure or business, it leads to calls for a boycott, divestment or sanctions. Or worse, outright nasty displays of hatred and bullying. This is unproductive, pointless and will not lead to peace, understanding or tolerance.

Let’s settle our issues with our words, not hatred or threats of violence. If you agree with us, we’d love to hear from you. You can join in the counter-movement and help the BINTA initiative grow simply by taking this pledge and heading over to the Get Involved page to see how you too can help!

Stay tuned for more updates and check our blog for the latest news and opinions.

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